Flagler County Blueberries


We had a beautiful 2014 season. Thank you to all who supported your local blueberry farm. We’re looking forward to seeing you next year!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ’s) for what to expect or bring when you visit.

Some of the best blueberries you’ll ever eat are from our  6-acre U-pick and we-pick blueberry strand in Bunnell, Fl. Come enjoy the freshest and most delicious local blueberries! The berries can get very large and oh- so sweet. :)

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Prices for blueberries are as follows:  (CASH ONLY)

  • U pick: 1 gallon = $10.00
  • We pick: 1 gallon = $20.00
  • We pick: 1/2 gallon = $11.00
  • We pick: 1/4 gallon = $ 6.00


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